Thursday 28 March 2013

Running the Wizrad through Code in Ax 2012

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Today we are going to see how we can run the wizard through code.Just by clicking the button the wizard will run. We have a doubt what is the point of running the wizard automatically without providing values. We can also pass the values through code and run the wizard.

Here is a snipet of the existing functionality where a relation wizard is run between customer and connection.The relation wizard is called from a class.

Where we are going the run the wizard without Human Interaction .

Here are the steps below:

Cerate a new class and extend with sysWizard or your wizard which is running.

FormName formName()
return formstr(McsRelationWizard);

private void createRelation(CustAccount _custAccount , McsConnectionId _connectionId)
Form form;
Args argsLocal = new Args();

form = formRun.form();
formRun = classfactory.formRunClass(argsLocal);
public static void main(CustAccount _custAccount , McsConnectionId _connectionId)
QcHandOverRelation wizard = new QcHandOverRelation();



Vivek Chirumamilla

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