Friday 22 March 2013

Passing Information from to another based on Selection in Ax 2012

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In my previous posts I had shown how to open a form in runtime , but opening the form in runtime is one aspect and passing the information to the base form based on user selections is another hurdle.

Today we are going to pass the customer from one form to another.

We have a customer field in a form and this customer has to be searched from another form where the list of customers are shown. User places the cursor on the serach and press use customer this selected customer must be returned to the cutomer field

To return the customer which we have selected , write doen the following code in the clicked method of the use customer.

void clicked()




While in the first form write the follwing code to open the form for selection and taking the value for the which has been returned.

void clicked()
FormRun formRun;
Args args;
AccountNum retValue;

args = new Args();;

formRun = classFactory.formRunClass(args);

if (args.parm())
retValue = args.parm();

By this whatever value we have selected in the second form not only passes to the first form but also the value is diplayed in the current field.

Happy Daxing

Vivek Chirumamilla

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