Thursday 31 May 2012

Installing Workflow in Ax 2009

Hi friends,

Today we are going to install the workflow and configure it in AX 2009

Open Administration => Security => SystemServiceAccounts.

In System service Accounts you will find alias Name(Proxy Account) and Network Domain.Enter Workflow system Account and

Workflow Execution Account.

Note : Have Admin rights before installing workflow

1. Install the workflow as per the wizard

2.It will ask for .Net Business Connector Proxy Account password.

3.After that it will ask credentials for either put proxy account it is in another network put Domain\computerName$

4.Finish the installation.

Here come the part of making the workflow Url valid.

1. Open IIS Manager settings.

2.If you install workflow in you will see the workflow installed in Default site.

Note :: If windows Share point servives or share point server is running on the site then workflow cannot execute in that port.

You have to create a new website and new port and add an exception to the port.

3. In Application pool => click Advanced settings keep the following properties

.NetFrameWork = 2.0

Enable32BitApplications => true

4. In Defalut website click MicrosoftSynamicsAXWorkflow50

Authentication => AnonymousAuthentication => Enabled and click edit and keep AppPoolIdentity to everyone(:: error 401)

Directory Browsing => enable it (::error 405)

5. Check whether the workflow is running correctly or not by browsing.

6. In Administration => setup => workflowInfastructureAndConfiurationWizard run it and define the workflow group and set the

time interval for it.

By this workflow is ready to use .

Vivek Chirumamilla

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