Tuesday 20 November 2012

Dict Class in Ax 2012

Hi Friends,

Today we will have a slight introduction to dictclass .

DictClass have wide vaiety of operations one of them is call Object.

We have created a object for PurchFormLetter_Invoiced() and call the method called missingnumber in the class.

The output of the class is printed at the end of section.

static void Job_Example_DictClass_CallObject(Args _args)
DictClass dictClass;
anytype retVal;
str resultOutput;
PurchFormLetter_Invoice p = new PurchFormLetter_Invoice();
ExecutePermission perm;

perm = new ExecutePermission();

// Grants permission to execute the DictClass.callObject method.
// DictClass.callObject runs under code access security.

dictClass = new DictClass(classidget(p));
if (dictClass != null)
retVal = dictClass.callObject("missingNumber", p);
resultOutput = strfmt("Return value is %1", retVal);
print resultOutput;

// Closes the code access permission scope.

Vivek Chirumamilla

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